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Perfect Money EUR

The Perfect Money project was launched in Switzerland in 2007. It has been based on the concept of ‘the perfect financial institution’. The project founders claim to have made use of the best practices of various online banking and payment systems. Guided by customers’ requirements, they’ve developed their own payment service that makes is possible to perform online settlements with the highest level of confidentiality and security.

Perfect Money offers traditional choice of financial services such as effecting of regular payments and money transfers, purchase of commodities, operations with foreign currencies online and so much more. Along with that, Perfect Money’s customers are welcome to gain monthly interest allowed on the amount remaining on their accounts.  

The project is managed by the leading specialists of the global banking and IT industries. At the present time customers from 178 countries all over the world are enjoying the services of Perfect Money. Partners of the payment system are presented by large currency exchange dealers, software suppliers, providers of various goods and services, Internet stores etc.