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Yandex.Money RUB

Yandex.Money is the largest and most popular online payment service in Russia, created back in 2002. At least 22% of Russians turn to the service on the regular basis, and some 18 million accounts have been already registered in the Yandex.Money system. About 12 thousand new accounts are being opened daily, the system handles 150 thousand payments per calendar day.  

The Yandex.Money e-wallet can be funded both with cash (usually requiring no commission) and with a credit/debit card. Money can be withdrawn from the account directly to the card, picked up from an ATM, as well as spent for non-cash purchase of goods and services in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and through other providers. Over 65 thousand online stores accept Yandex.Money payments.

Yandex.Money service is available in 238 countries of the world. Only on the territory of the Russian Federation more than 30 thousand companies rendering utility, TV, internet, telecommunication and other types of services cooperate with the system. Customers are encouraged to use their e-wallets by various bonuses, discounts and precious gifts.