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  • 1. What do you need our site for?

    Using our service you can:

    • To receive information about the offers of the most reliable and popular exchange offices on an exchange of electronic currencies you are interesting in
    • To choose the most suitable option of an exchange, considering  courses offered, reserves of currencies and reputation of the exchange office
    • To get to know about the statistics of exchange rates, popularity of exchange offices and the directions of exchanges and other useful information
    • To learn the latest news in the world of electronic payments

    The participants of our monitoring can only be reliable exchange offices.

    We offer additional opportunities for effective and favorable colaboration with the registered users.

  • 2. Is it possible to trust exchange monitoring offices of GoAndChange.com?

    Yes. Before including to our monitoring each exchange office was carefully checked on a certain set of characteristics  which is renewed monthly.

    We look after the obligations of exchange offices.

    Having faced a problem in the functioning of our exchange monitoring office,any user can publish a negative response. Having received the notification about the complaint of the user, the administrator of an exchange monitoring office will react quicker.

  • 3. How to realize a profitable exchange with the help of your site?

    For carrying out a favorable exchange operations please decide which currency do you want to exchange. Further you will automatically go to the page with offers of exchange offices and will be able to start to choose the optimum one with a suitable course and  reserve.

    You can select suitable exchange when you estimate the exchange rate, currency reserve and reviews of exchange office.

    Click at the line with the name of exchange office you are interested in. The main page of exchange office will open in a new bookmark. Make necessary actions for an exchange on the site of the selected exchange office.

  • 4. What does "WebMoney BL" mean?

    Each participant of Web Money system has a certain Business Level. BL — is a total public characteristic of a level of business of the owner of the WM - the descriptor which is calculated on the basis of data about:

    • the duration of the active using of WebMoney Transfer;
    • the number of correspondents with whom the transactions were held;
    • the volume of the carried-out transaction;
    • the claims on the participant.

    If it isn't specified for BL exchange office, it means that it doesn't work with WebMoney currency exchange.

  • 5. Why does the rate or the reserve in monitoring differs from information in exchange office?

    The information on courses and reserves on monitoring is updated automatically from the datas which are provided by exchange offices.

    If you noticed discrepancy of datas of monitoring and exchange office, please, report us about it.

  • 6. I am the owner of exchange office and I want to add it to the monitoring GoAndChange.com. What do I need to do for it?

    You can get to know more about the rules of our exchange monitoring offices at the link.